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On-site Field Machining Services – Where You Need It, When You Need It…

In order for your plant to perform at optimum levels all the time, ongoing repairs are a part of doing business. But making these improvements or adjustments shouldn’t have to compromise operational efficiencies.

Our engineers are constantly on the move carrying out onsite machining of crankshafts, diesel engines, tailshafts, turbine shafts, turbine casings, gas compressors and a host of other items of industrial and marine plant.

We are COLOMBIA´s portable, on-site machining experts with convenient, on-site, portable machining services.

Why remove equipment that can be machined easily in-place, right on your site? Save on shipping, downtime, headaches and repair costs by hiring a team of qualified on-site machinists who specialize in field machining. You will be surprised how many "in place" services we offer - even for those hard to reach spots.

Do not worry if you require onsite machining in a remote location in COLOMBIA - we have worked in-place and on location in ALL THE COUNTRY. Our portable machine tools allow us to drive or fly into most locations to perform services such as valve repair, flange facing,portable milling, pipe cutting and line boring, just to name a few.

We offer a wide variety of on-site, machining services including: Flange Facing, Stud Removal, Pipe Cold Cutting, Boring Applications, Pipe Beveling, In-Line Valve Repair, Portable Milling,  and Journal Turning.

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