In METALOCK DE COLOMBIA LTDA, we are committed to the absolute satisfaction of the technical and logistical requirements of our customers through advanced technology with international recognition, applied by qualified and competent people quality oriented in providing our services and site reclamation cold differentiated industry in general:
  • Metalock.
  • SIFCO (Selective Electroless Plating)
  • Rectification.
  • Laser Verification Service.


Being the leader in recoveries on site with the equipment and human talent that can meet the highest demands of our customers.


The management and the entire team of Metalock de Colombia Ltda, is committed to lead an Integrated Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management to determine the guidelines, policies and goals, in order to optimize business performance with the efficient use of natural resources, safety and welfare of all its collaborators.

  • Spreading Occupational Health Policy, Safety and Environmental Management of our company to customers, partners, suppliers, contractors and neighboring communities to work together in meeting the objectives.
  • To comply with the rules and procedures of the Integrated Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management, as well as compliance with legislation, standards and regulations.
  • Train and sensitize all staff, proper management of natural resources, in order to ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations, creating a culture of self-protection and protection of fellow.
  • Prevent and protect the integrity of all staff in accordance with existing and inherent risks of our economic activity, keeping a workplace safe and healthy for all.
  • full Prevent the occurrence of undesirable events, diseases, environmental damage and damage to the property of others.
  • Reduce, mitigate and offset the impacts generated by our activities.
  • Periodically audit the effectiveness of the Integrated Occupational and Environmental Health, everyday promoting continuous improvement thereof, for best productivity benefits.



The quality policy has been defined by the top management of METALOCK DE COLOMBIA LTDA, as follows: To satisfy our customers immediately on-site machining and workshop services components founded in right on time, staff and technically advanced equipment, aimed at continuous improvement to optimize yields and reduce costs caused by damage to their processes.

METALOCK DE COLOMBIA · Carrera 43 # 43–14 · Teléfonos: +(575) 3512672, +(575) 3401819, +(57) 320 572 9722 · Barranquilla, Colombia