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“Before thinking of discarding a piece, or switch to a spare expensive THINK IN METALOCK”.

The repair Metalock consists of insert prepared openings parts in multiple layers of keys that are manufactured using high tensile alloy, designed specifically for the technicians of Metalock; which are not available outside of this organization.

The parts are drilled at intervals a series of deep holes and fixed beforehand with orientation angles with respect to fracture. These holes are then joined using pneumatic chisels to achieve the exact shape of the keys Metalock female. In proportion to the size of the holes, the keys are inserted Metalock, layer by layer, and encuñan into openings. The high tensile strength to hold the wedges, ensures the recovery, if not all, of a large percentage of the original strength lost. Then holes are drilled along the fracture. Are threaded rivets and filled, each of which engages against its predecessor.

This operation restores the strength of the workpiece and ensures a seal at high pressures. Prior to finishing (painting) the piece is grinded or polishing, giving it a suitable finish. Every repair is covered by warranty Metalock.

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